Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good News

Wow! ... i have good news:

(1) I got offered a post as a Music teacher (flexible hours, children, great fun).
i am happy & grateful...willing to teach Music more

(2) I am playing for PEPRIN, a children's choir very soon (working with a wonderful person directing the kids!)

(3) Together with my singer, we are setting up a Music business which we are calling VOCEMANI. We play Music for Masses. for further details, please contact: Adele on ++356 79922207 or Norman on ++356 79062119

(4) i have a home-based business that is growing & thriving...if interested in working from home & benefitting from a financially secure company, leverage, residual income, great tax benefits, travel please contact me on ++356 7906 2119 or at

thank you

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